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Who we are and what we do

We are a dynamic team made up of young experts, rich in determination and creativity, with the aim of bringing a new wave of innovation and digitalization. We constantly collaborate with international professionals from all categories, striving to always create a personal relationship with clients, because we are not just IT specialists, we are people, and that is the strength of our company. Working with Hetyna means feeling supported and accompanied from the beginning to the end of each project by friendly faces that not only deliver excellent results but also leave a happy memory in the minds of entrepreneurs

Our services

Our mission

A company dedicated to technological innovation and cutting-edge IT services. We have embraced the mission of bringing unprecedented levels of innovation to the global landscape. We are constantly on the move, committed to continuous learning and unlimited experimentation, in order to provide our clients, both small entrepreneurs and large corporations, with the solid foundations to create a successful business on par with the biggest IT giants.

Our projects

Recent projects


Flexoo is a platform that connects people with short-term earning opportunities in various work sectors. It can be accessed either through the website, which redirects to the Web App, or by simply downloading the app on iOS or Android devices


– App iOS & Android
– Custom software
– Webb site and web app


DGTLMENU is an online service that provides a digital menu with many useful features, primarily in the hospitality industry but not limited to it. Subscribers can independently create a digital menu with a QR code, allowing their customers to order directly from their mobile devices. Additionally, it offers an interface for table management and order handling, along with an integrated payment solution.


– Web App
– Custom software
– Digital marketing


Fast & Pasta is an Italian company based in the Netherlands that operates in the restaurant industry with multiple outlets. Fast & Pasta customers can place orders directly through the website, which not only manages the orders and pickups of pre-paid products but also provides information on delivery and preparation times for dishes. It verifies the service availability based on the postal code and offers a user experience comparable to well-known food delivery services.

Fast & Pasta

– Web App
– Management
– Delivery system


SAAS-X is one of the latest products by Hetyna. It is a feature-rich suite designed to manage online services such as SaaS, web apps, websites, and more. It offers a pre-built and customizable dashboard that can adapt to any business and requirement. SAAS-X includes functionalities such as client management, invoice management, customer chat, and much more.


– Web App
– Custom software
– Template Building


Tikeex is an event platform template that provides a user-friendly interface and an interactive map displaying nearby available events. Tikeex is available as a Hetyna-branded starter pack and can be customized to fit any brand or business model related to the case. It is our first template for future “no-code” MVPs and is available on the official Bubble marketplace.


– Web App
– Custom software
– Template building


Redbot is a patented device that completely removes air from a partially used container as the liquid is being dispensed.


– Web site
– Branding
– 3D design

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    Testing and Debugging

    Once the development is complete, we test the product to ensure that everything is working correctly. Any issues encountered are resolved during the debugging phase.

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    Product Launch

    After testing and resolving any issues, the product is ready for release. In this step, our team takes care of setting up the production environment and installing/releasing the product.

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    Post-Launch Support

    We provide ongoing support after the product release. Any issues or bugs that arise will be promptly resolved by our team. You can also choose to rely on us for the continuous management of your project.

Why choose Hetyna Lab?

Software House

We are a software development company. Our experience and expertise enable us to help you achieve any goal. We are ready to turn your ideas into reality!

International Team

We are a multilingual team composed of professionals from different parts of the world. We speak English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, and of course, Italian. Reach your goals in different parts of the world!

Comprehensive Coverage

We offer a complete range of services for transforming your online business. Whatever your needs are, we are ready to provide effective and innovative solutions!

Best Partners

We collaborate with top industry partners and stay updated on the latest cutting-edge technologies. With us, you can stay one step ahead of the competition!

Free Consultation

We offer free consultation to help you make informed decisions regarding the transformation of your online business. We are a trusted partner committed to supporting you in your growth journey.

Professional Support

Our company is synonymous with high-quality professional support. We are ready to provide competent and timely technical support, both during the implementation of our services and throughout your business journey.

We Design, Prototype, Develop, and Promote Your Idea

We offer our know-how and experience to help you achieve success. We provide not only ideation, prototyping, and development services but also consultancy in marketing and management of the finished product.